NDIS Support Coordination: All Your Queries Answered!

NDIS Support Coordination is designed to enable the participants to make the most out of the NDIS by coordinating various services, funded, mainstream and informal ones. But it’s also a support which often confuses the participants.

In this blog, we have answered a few of the most frequently asked questions by the participants and their families.

1) What does a support coordinator do?

A support coordinator is a qualified individual who helps the participant implement the NDIS supports included in the plan and coordinates across the system with providers and service deliveries to ensure that everything is in place for you. They will help you understand the NDIS plan and make informed choices regarding the support you receive. It is funded in the capacity building budget.

2) What do you mean by capacity building?

Capacity building refers to strengthening your skills and developing your capabilities to improve independence; it could be anything from helping your education to building skills. It is also a support category in the NDIS budget that funds you to do activities to help you achieve your NDIS goals.

3) Can you change your support coordinator and work without a support coordinator?

Yes, participants can choose to change support coordinators at any time. However, according to the service agreement between you and the support coordinator, they will be served with notice before that. Some participants manage their plans without the assistance of a coordinator. If you think you understand your plan enough and are confident to coordinate it, NDIS welcomes you.

4) What are the different levels of Support Coordination?

Currently, there are three levels to support coordination service, which is allowed to the participant according to their needs.

1) Support Connection 2) Coordination of Supports 3) Specialist Support Coordination

If you are looking for a support coordinator who will help you navigate the NDIS smoothly and negotiate with the best-suited service providers, contact Aastha Community Services. Aastha’s support Coordinators ensure that the participants can maintain their choice and control throughout the support.

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