Why You Should Consider Professional Asbestos Disposal For Floor and Roof Tiles

As a leading waste management and environmental company here at BKP, we field many enquiries regarding asbestos disposal – the most common being the removal of asbestos flooring and corrugated roof tiles.

Many older properties will contain these types of tiles; in fact, a good number of homes built in the th century will have some sort of asbestos that will need to be removed. However, due to the fragility of the material, any removal should be carried out by someone with the relevant knowledge and experience.

Whilst some of our clients are involved in the construction or interior design industries (therefore, well versed in handling asbestos), many others are unfamiliar with the material – especially how to handle and remove it legally and safely. So in this blog, we’re going to cover why it’s important to get your asbestos tiles professionally removed.

Asbestos Disposal For Flooring and Roof Tiles
Why Are Asbestos Tiles Dangerous?
asbestos roofing removal
Whilst asbestos isn’t harmful whilst undisturbed, if the material is broken or handled without sufficient know-how, it has the high potential to release fibres that may become trapped in the nose and the throat’s mucous membranes. This then creates a pathway for the fibres to find their way into the lungs and even the digestive tract, contributing to the growth of cancer .

Asbestos is more of a danger when it’s dry, as it can be easily crushed by hand (sprayed-on asbestos and adhesives are also dry too). Present underfoot and at risk of meeting with water, damaged (or deteriorated) tiles are common in domestic properties; due to the health risks posed by their fibres, they must be removed as a matter of priority when discovered.

Asbestos tiles can be damaged by:

Any physical damage from buffing, cutting, striking, sawing off, drilling into or grinding the tiles.
Water damage (weakening the structure of the tiles).
Ageing of the tiles.
Increased and constant vibration of the tiles.
If you have any immediate worries that any of your floor or roof tiles may be damaged, you should always get into contact with an asbestos disposal expert to treat the issue.

Testing For Asbestos.
One of the major reasons (aside from the potential dangers of broken tiles) to seek out professional advice, is to know whether the property does indeed have asbestos installed in the first place. It isn’t uncommon for people to find asbestos but not be aware of more installations throughout the building.

If you’re unsure of where potential asbestos may be, you should have an asbestos management survey performed to ensure that nobody will be harmed by the daily activities that take place on the premises. You will then get a report that states the type of asbestos that is installed, its location(s), extent and condition.

If no professional tests are performed to confirm the presence of asbestos, then materials will be presumed to contain asbestos. Therefore, you must treat them using full safety precautions when doing the work – this is why it’s always advisable to get a licensed, trained professional in to test and perform the removal.

Professional Asbestos Removal and Disposal By BKP
The asbestos disposal service here at BKP is fast and efficient; ensuring that your property can retain a safe environment for a cost-effective price. Our hazardous waste experts will take care of the entire process; containing the asbestos before wrapping it, removing it and disposing of it in one simple operation.

We do not operate a minimum weight charge – so no matter the weight of your asbestos removal, we will only charge for the EXACT WEIGHT of the waste that is removed. Furthermore, we will produce the necessary paperwork (consignment notes) that are legally required to transport hazardous waste (such as asbestos) away from the property.

At the disposal end, everything is managed by our licensed facility in Romsey which aside from allowing us to do our work as quickly as possible, having no third-party involved vastly cuts costs. This is a saving that we pass on to our customers. Best Demolition services in Sydney.

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