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Email Account Compromise is an exceptionally modern assault where assailants utilize different strategies, for example, secret phrase shower, phishing, malware, to bargain casualties' email accounts, accessing genuine letterboxes. The customer should follow every possible rule to secure their email and password. The customer can follow the below solution to recover their compromised email that is listed down below as follows:
• In your system, open the Optus official website.
• Open the Optus login page on the webpage.
• Click the option Forgot password among the list of options.
• Provide each and every detail to recover your compromised email.
• The customer shall get an email to recover their compromised email.
• Follow the link to recover the compromised email.
• Finally, enter your recovered email with your password to log in.
• There can be few cases where the confirmation link is forwarded to the spam folder instead of your inbox.
A compromised email can be a serious situation if not acted quickly to prevent data loss. The customer can follow the above instruction as quickly as possible to minimize the risk of losing the account. In case the customer is not able to recover their compromised email, they can get assistance from our customer service.

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