PlayStation 5 : PS5 Release Date, Design, Specs, News For Sony’s PS5

his article focuses entirely on Sony’s PlayStation 5 and the games are sure to come with the next gen-console. The show currently features several new game launches, and we’ve collected a very few.

So, without further ado, Clear Review has collected the best PlayStation 5 games, whether they come, the story or just our imagination.

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PlayStation History Developed by Sony

PlayStation a series of brands in game consoles created by Sony Computer Entertainment. first PlayStation launched in Japan in December , when Sony released its first PlayStation device. In , the brand included three luxury,Games, group-based, news channels, online services and magazine queues. The first PlayStation console was the first console to sell million units, acquired in less than a decade. PlayStation 2 is a popular retailer today, with over million downloads as of January ,

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