Australian over medicating patients and giving them medication that literally kills

We follow the right routine in our daily life, from our food to exercise, we do our best to maintain our health. But if, for some reason, our body is not supporting us, then we should seek the help of a doctor. Due to COVID-, even fear of going to the hospital because it is causing havoc all over the world.

New South Wales is facing a big problem with COVID-, and high voltage drama of NSW health corruption is going on in this. Many Australian health communities are ignoring the WHO(World Health Organization), a guideline which includes safety and precautions, and it directly got a lousy impact on coronavirus patients.

Under the name of treatment, the Australian Health Care Department collects a massive amount from the patient and, in return, offers a medical facility of dual status.
According to one article, the hospital asked for more money than the regular charge of the hospital to the patient, and even after paying the entire payment, the staff was unable to save the patient's life. After this accident hospital staff demanded more money from the family of the patient to take it home.

NSW health corruption is on the way to break all bad records of health departments. Many Australians lost their lives during surgery because of a heavy dose of anesthesia, and it happened only because of less concern towards the patients. Medication Errors in Ambulatory Settings is one of the significant problems in the health care department of Australia.

Many patients get the wrong treatment from unexperienced doctors; wrong treatment leads to incorrect prescriptions, and consume false drugs causes many side effects or a high chance of losing a life.

One of the significant problems patients have to face during the appointment, whether it is a severe patient he/she has to wait for a long time. Australians were not good in providing emergency services to the patient.

Address: NSW