Constructiveway C.I.C. , the community interest such asThe environment, human rights research, and so on

constructiveway C.I.C. is a fully legal and officially recognized organization, legislatively supported by the government, many non-governmental institutions and individual people like you for our activities of the community interest such as the environment, human rights, research, and so on... We are a non-violent, non-religious, and non-political community interest company (C.I.C.) and by any meaning you imagine, our activities are being in the best interest of society. For the difference between a charity/NGO and CIC, Constructiveway had to pass the "community interest test" and many more since forming a CIC is more bureaucratic, expensive, and (in the future) taxed than forming a classic NGO/charity, so that's why we're allowed to be in business. We're a social enterprise thus we aren't financed from taxes and don't have to lean on fundraising as a classical charity which doesn't earn on its non-profit activities from anything else than donations and taxes (they're not allowed to do anything else, they may not), meantime, we enjoy a lot of freedom, creativity, and fun. The income that we earn from pro-profit activities goes into non-profit activities (the capitalistically gained surplus, net earnings are socialistically spent on the community through our activities) and a big part thereof, it's vastly reinvested.

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