How to Save a GIF from Twitter?

Twitter is one of the best social networking handles in their segment because it allows you to tweet, and for someone, you want and check their tweets in their timeline. Mention on Twitter is the best way to keep follow of your favorite things and share pictures and GIFs also. But most users asked how to save a GIF from Twitter? If you are troubling this issue, then here are the instructions are given below and make sure to read them carefully.

Store a Twitter GIF on the PC

1.Firstly, launch your tweet, including the GIF that you would like to copy.
2.After that, select the GIF and right-click on it.
3.Then you will see a single choice here: copy video address.
4.You should copy the URL of GIFs.
5.Afterward, launch a fresh tab.
6.Navigate to this link then choose the link of Video to GIF.
7.Now, paste the link of copied Twitter GIF into the box of video link.
8.You have to select the button of ‘Upload video.’
9.A page will appear that features the GIF as a video.
.Click on the ‘Convert to GIF’ to change it into the GIF file of ‘regular.’
.The changed GIF will show on the next screen. Reach the file and right-click on it then store the file.
.Now, make sure to repost the GIF to Twitter will change the GIF again to return to the hybrid format of Twitter.

Using Mobile Browser

1.Go to the GIF you want to store the device.
2.After that, select the tweet.
3.You should choose the GIF into the tweet to invoke it on the entire screen.
4.Then select the Share option on the lower side and then choose the ‘Copy Link’ option on Android, you get an alert once the URL gets copied to the clipboard.
5.Using the copied link, launch the browser and reach the ‘’
6.Then paste the URL inside the given box, but don’t select the ‘Convert’ option.
7.Then click on the ‘Upload video’ option.
8.After that, long-press the freshly made GIF.
9.Now, choose the ‘Save Image’ to download the content to the device.

Using Dedicated Applications for Android and iOS

Select the GIF from the related tweet to invoke the on the whole screen.

1.Then choose the Share option on the lower side.
2.Go to the ‘Copy Link’ option and click on it.
3.Navigate to ‘Tweet2GIF’ via the Google Play Store.
4.Thereafter, install, and then invoke the application.
5.You should paste the link of the Twitter GIF you copied earlier.
6.Now, select the ‘Download GIF’ option to store a copy to the mobile.

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