4 Best Calendar Apps for Android to Replace Google Calendar

The calendar is the most important thing for hundreds of years. This is just like other necessary things and used for various purposes, such as scheduling various tasks, appointments, necessary events, planning social and corporate meetings, etc. Keeping the importance of time and space, app developing countries came forward to develop Calendar apps for various devices, be it Android, iOS, and Windows. Calendar apps consume very little amount of space and data to work, and it works compatibly on various devices.

Nowadays, we have a number of Calendar application available for various tasks that enable users to use as they wish.

Today, we will talk about some of the most preferred calendar application available for Android devices. Follow these under mentioned instructions for top 4 calendar applications:

1. DigiCal Calendar Agenda

This Calendar Application becomes one of the most preferred choices. This app works very smoothly on various platforms, and it stands on most of the expectations of the users. It enables users to move from the currently existing app.

It makes the user view multiple calendar events in seven dynamic methods. It includes:
◾Existing Day to Day
◾Agenda of the Week
◾Text Month (It provides another splendorous design in the app)
◾Total Agenda

Now, you can toggle various available things such as events, sports, Weather forecasts, public holidays TV Shows on your calendar.

If you need, you can switch to your locally stored calendar if you don’t want to sync your device data to the DigiCal. The app can sync with Google Calendar and MS Outlook application with ease.

The app offers a dynamic design with the capability of using dark mode. You can use variants of color for your desired event to make it a trendy and uniquely organized one.

It is free to download and use, but sometime you will get ads in the app. If you pay a subscription fee of dollar 4., then you won’t experience any ads as it will upgrade to a new version.

2. TimeTree (Compatible for Groups)

This application enables the users to share their events and other tasks to other persons with the unified calendar system.

This application provides the accessibility of creating various calendars for different events and groups. For coordinating each other, you have to use the chat feature there. For each event, you can add a specific detail there, and even you can send a reminder to all the participating members.

Its one of the powerful tool that provides enhanced planning equipment whether you are going to set up a plan for your dear and near ones, be it your friend, co-worker, or a family member.

In case you wish to use it as a personal calendar, then you can sync this calendar application with other calendar apps.

This app is totally free to download, and it provides accesses on web and iOS devices too apart from the Android devices.

3. Business Calendar 2 (One of the best-recommended Calendar for Business tasks)

This application helps you to organize your business tasks such as taking appointments, scheduling a meeting with your clients, etc., all get smoother with this handy app. You can get more of the existing features, such as customizing your event as per your choice and color. You can schedule your task as per your compatible time, such as day, week, month, agenda views, available themes, etc. One of the top benefits of having this app is to organize your appointments with any of the business clients or managers regarding your job or business as you can streamline your tasks.

One can easily sync this calendar application to any other Calendar app. Once you drag your event into a specific time slot, the app automatically starts managing your tasks and notifies if any upcoming tasks are available in the list.

You can manage the event availability, and this app will help you if you are busy in a particular time slot. The app enables the users to manage some of the tasks to keep everything going smoothly as per your schedule.

You may create your own customized template if you pay for the subscription package.

This app is free to you but holds some ads, and if you want to remove these ads, then you have to get the pro edition of the particular calendar app.

4. Simple Calendar

Using a simple calendar is also good if you organize your tasks in an easy and sparing manner. In this app, you can also customizer your task theme and provide a particular color to UI, and this can be applied to your application icon. It provides an easy view of your events and other tasks to limit your focus.

The app is available in two formats: Free and Pro edition. If you install free edition, then you won’t get any further updates. So recommends using the Pro edition.

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