water proof drone

Winter drone fishing in Western Australia

Forget about packing up your fishing gear as the weather cools down! Winter provides some of the best fishing Western Australia has to offer!

The sought after Pink Snapper species loves the shallower water during the Winter months. They can be found in the warm temperature or subtropical waters from North of Karratha down to the Great Australian bite.

When you invest in a purpose built fishing drone such as the Poseidon Pro, Splashdrone 3+ or Cuta-copter you don’t need perfect weather conditions to get your lines out to the snapper!

These drones are built to withstand the harsh marine conditions and they are waterproof meaning you can fly them in the rain!

A beaufort wind rating of up to 6 is pretty standard for these waterproof drones and this means they can withstand winds of up to to kms per hour. (Swellpro Splashdrone has a beaufort scale rating of 5)

So don’t be defeated by Winter! Put your woollies on and get chasing that Snapper!

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