Lotus Dental Travel

At Lotus Dental Travel, our mission is to connect international patients with the best dentists and dental clinics in Vietnam . To do that, we’ve developed an online platform dedicated to dental tourism. Whether you are looking for cheaper teeth-whitening or a world-class expert in full-arch dental implants surgery, Lotus Dental Travel connects you with the healthcare provider you need. We believe that transparency is the best policy and that’s why Lotus Dental Travel lets you compare prices across clinics, whether it is a root canal treatment, an implant or smile makeover. Through our platform, you may find that dental implants are % more affordable abroad than at home, at the same level of care or better. Once you find the clinic you are interested in, contact us for a customized procedure cost and free personal consultation. That’s all there is to it: medical travel made simple.

Address: Toowoomba City, QLD
Web: http://https://lotusdentaltravel.com/