3 Greyhound Racing Betting Strategies That Still Work

There are many betting strategies that can be used in greyhound racing. To make sure you maximize your profit and make money from betting, you have to figure out what specific betting strategy works, or at least has a better success rate than the others.

In the sections below, we will be looking at three of the most popular greyhound racing betting strategies today. Read and understand each one of them as they could make a significant difference in your betting experience.

Strategy #1: Hedging Your Bets
The concept behind this betting strategy is simple. It simply defines itself as protecting yourself to maximise your profit potential.

This may mean betting on a crowd favourite or the second favourite. The idea is to bet on a greyhound that is likely to win so you can protect your wager. Take note, though, that it can also suggest a potentially smaller payout. To get a better idea of how much your potential payout is, we recommend that you do a manual computation.

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