A Quick Guide to Betting on Greyhound Racing

Learning the art of betting on a greyhound is easy. Aside from the fact that there are lots of free resources online, greyhound race tracks are now making things simple to entice more people to give greyhound racing a try.

Now, if you are serious about learning the ins and outs of greyhound racing, consider this article a handy guide
The Types of Greyhound Bets
Greyhound betting is somewhat similar to betting on a horse race. But in case you are not familiar, here are the most popular types of greyhound bets:
1. Straight Bet
Also called a win bet, a straight bet is simply a bet where you predict which greyhound will win the race. Among all types of bets, this is the easiest and the most popular.

Because it is difficult to forecast what dog will win the race, the payout odds for this bet are somewhat high. The payout odds of each dog are computed based on the perceived likelihood of that canine winning the race.

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