Got Dead Outlets? How They Point to Larger Electrical Problems in Your Home

No matter how old an appliance is, it will always shows signs of impending problems. Knowing these symptoms can be vital in helping you make early repairs, which could go a long way in helping you avert a serious situation that could otherwise lead to property damage or electrocution at the least. However, even though you are able to troubleshoot these electrical problems all by yourself be careful when sorting them out. Many of these of these issues can be too much for a rookie to handle, which is why hiring an electrician Melbourne is the best option.

Below are some of the diagnoses that you can conduct before embarking on repairs.

Check the circuit breakers and fuses

You will know an outlet has a problem if you try plugging in appliances and none of them is working. If you try several and none gets power from the socket in question, check whether the circuit breaker has tripped or the fuse is blown out. If it is the fuse, replace it with a working fuse and if it is the circuit breaker, reset it. Try plugging in your appliance to confirm if indeed that was the problem.

If the circuit breaker keeps tripping every time you reset it, it could mean that there is a ground fault problem or a short circuit. If this is the case, contact a local electrician Melbourne to come and fix it. Circuit breakers can also trip due to old age or simple overloads. If you replace the circuit breaker all by yourself, be sure to remember not to replace the old circuit breaker with one that has a higher rating. This is simply because a higher rated circuit breaker could easily cause overheating or probably cause fire.

GFCI Checks

GFCI is the short form for “ground fault circuit interrupter” is an unusual outlet with a test and reset buttons. They are installed in homes that have a high risk of shock hazards. They protect the circuit from overheating or a short circuit instead of the causing the circuit breaker to flip. If a GFCI outlet pops, it will cause all outlets in its circuit to stop working. Fortunately, you can turn on the tripped outlets simply by turning on the switch on their respective sockets. If this doesn’t work you should contact an electrician to check if the current is leaking or the GFCI system is failing.

Dead outlets and Bad Connections

In most cases, when outlets and light switches stop working it is usually due to a bad connection, poor wiring or a faulty socket. Any effort to reset the GFCI or replace the fuse will yield no fruits. An electrician will be forced to take out the socket and inspect it before deciding what to do next. Electrical problems could be catastrophic; it is therefore suitable that you let the professionals handle all the work.

Other signs of electrical problems

I. Sparks or burning odors: if there is a burning odor emanating from the switches or outlets turn off the power and contact an electrician to conduct the necessary repairs. The problem could be an overload, a wiring problem or a faulty device. You should consider the burning smell serious, as it could be an indicator of an incoming fire. Occasional sparks when plugging in appliances are normal but if they become larger and more frequent it indicates that there is a problem in the circuit or the outlet. Locating electrical problems is not always which means that you have to be careful and if possible hire an electrician.

II. Flickering lights: flickering can indicate that the bulb is either defective or loose. If even after replacing the bulb it still continues to flicker then you need to consult an electrician. The problem might be the wiring or a loose circuit breaker both of which require professional diagnosis before commencing repairs.

III. Electrical shocks: If every time you plug in an appliance, you feel a tingle or a mild shock then there is problem. Either poor wiring or a ground fault in the appliance could cause these mild shocks. Any of the two could be dangerous that is why you need an electrician to conduct a diagnosis of your electrical system.

IV. Hot ceiling fixtures: confirm if the area around your light bulb is getting warm if it gets warm to an extent that if feels like it is overheating you should change it. Preferably, replace it with a LED bulb or a compact fluorescent light bulb (CFL). These two produce less heat as compared to incandescent bulbs.

Usually when an electrical problem arises in the house, we try to fix it. However, if the problem becomes too big for you to handle, it is best that you contact a reputable electrician to fix the problem.

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