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For Google, living in the future - investing in undeveloped technology - is central to Google's culture and a powerful driving force behind Google computer glasses products such as Google Glasses and unmanned vehicles, according to foreign media CNET. Google CEO Larry Page (Larry Page) usually rarely use Google glasses in public places, but this does not mean he is not a fan of Google glasses, Google second-quarter earnings conference call, when talking about Google computer glasses, he said Like to use Google glasses, after wearing best glasses for computer use
"feeling alive in the future."
    Unlike Google co-founder Sergey Brin, you rarely see Google CEO Larry Page wearing Google glasses in public, in addition to the last in Croatia's wedding, but if you That he is not a fan of Google eyes then wrong. "I love using Google Glasses, because every time I wear Google computer Glasses, I feel like I'm living in the future, and that's really exciting," Page said in Google's second-quarter earnings conference call.
    For Page, living in the future is Google's core. "Some people want to make crazy stuff and they want friends to change the world," he said, adding that these seemingly small projects eventually became Google products like Gmail, Chrome And Android. Speaking of Google's ability to innovate, Paige said, "I looked at all of Google's overall business, I think Google is doing great, and I am very encouraged."
    Many of the products in Google's portfolio were not originally designed to "live in the future," such as Google. Google Android system is step Apple's footsteps, you want to lay the groundwork for the smart phone revolution. Most of the Google portfolio is actually to ensure the company's future position, to ensure that the company as a multi-billion user enterprise profitability.
    But emerging products such as pc glasses, Google Now, the madman project (Project Loon) and unmanned vehicles are investing in the future. "If you look at technology as static, you're wrong," says Page, "and the main job of Google is to figure out how to invest more and make more money for the company."
    But the company's profits are often associated with the interests of users can be closely related, whether from the Google X R & D Lab Moonshot project or the current investment in Google search and maps. In addition to keen investment in the future, the pecs at the same time on Google's future is also full of pragmatic spirit, "the idea is very easy to make new computer eyeglasses, but let them become reality, let billions of people to use it is difficult ... ... I hope we Can bring a sensational market products, but behind it requires a lot of work and manpower.
    Google glasses in the end can not be like Apple's Newton computer, as in the history of the mark, can not define this decade of wear technology, let us wait and see!

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