Perceived versus Real: Smart Traffic Security Risks

The use of technology in managing traffic is increasing across the globe. Unlike the olden days, traffic engineers no longer have to go to traffic cabinets and tweak timing schedules to decongest streets. Instead, they can sit back and manage traffic from their control rooms. All thanks to the Internet of Things (IoT) that has made it possible. Devices such as traffic signals, cameras, computers are now interconnected via cloud. The data from these devices flows rapidly through the system allowing traffic management personnel to access the same in real time. Though cloud-based connected devices are becoming a standard these days, there are various risks, both real and perceived, associated with it. In this blog, we differentiate between the perceived and real risks of smart traffic security. Let’s read on!
Presumed Concerns
Remote Access Is a Risk to Traffic System
One of the major purposes of cloud-based servers is to enable users to retrieve data remotely. If there’s any threat to the cloud-based system, it is with the configuration of the server and service policies. Having said that, the modern systems come with control tools to ensure only authorized people can access the information.
Wireless Data Transmission Is Susceptible to Hackers
Hacking is seen as a major concern with wireless data transmission. Proper authorization and security measures put wireless technology at par with fiber. Therefore, wireless technology becomes one of the safest and fastest modes of data transfer. In fact, it is now easy to track and foil any hacking attempts in all types of networks, which again argues well for wireless data transmission.
Minimum Data Control
Data stored on the cloud servers is safe and readily available. Some service providers have a system in place that ensures the integrity of the data and offers disaster recovery backup support. Under any condition, the data will not be shared by other sources, and you will always have control over the data via authorization control system.
The Real Risks
The perceived risks are easily addressed working with high-end technology and security-minded partners capable of managing the complex nature of data security. Other than these perceived risks, there are certain real-time risks involved with the smart traffic security. Some of which are discussed here:
Device Security
Most of the traffic control equipment do not have an in-built security mechanism. The cabinet devices use communication protocols, risking the entire network. So, it is not only about hackers taking hardware under their control but also of unprotected device that can be rendered inoperable.
Poor Data Encryption
The data transfer between traffic control devices is often without any encryption, making it vulnerable to online theft and hacking. Most of the vendors employ it as a strategic measure to keep the system up and running.
Unauthenticated System Access
The default authentication setting in most of the networks puts the entire traffic control system at risk of unauthorized access. System tracking and auditing become susceptible to outside interference, resulting in system failure.
Obsolete Security Patches on Servers
Technology requires timely maintenance and updates. Infrequent or obsolete firmware updates on the servers and software put the entire system in a vulnerable state. Additionally, new security patch deployments sometimes do not make it to the deployed devices.
Last Few Words
It is next to impossible to employee traffic peronal at every intersection to ensure traffic flows is never disrupted. Smart traffic system is the need of the hour in mega cities like New York City, Melbourne, Shanghai, and others. Traffic management services in Melbourne are investing heavily in the cloud-based system. However, the perceptions make it difficult for experts to fully trust such system, despite the fact that observations are far from reality.

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