Home Appliances India

If you are looking for the best Indian Kitchen Utensils & Appliances? Home Appliances India is the perfect place for you.

At Home Appliances India you will find top quality Indian Cooking Utensils including, Indian Cookware, Prestige Pressure Cooker, Roti Maker Australia, Mixer Grinder Australia, Idli maker, Idli cooker, Preethi Mixer Grinder,Sumeet Mixer much more.

Thus, with us, whatever be your kitchen’s demand, we cater it all! We understand the importance a kitchen holds for any house and hence we have gained special expertise in providing the best quality of kitchen appliances for your home.

We stock all models and brands. We ship Australia wide. To know more about our product and service give us a call or visit our website..

66 Merri Concourse
Melbourne, VIC. C.P.: 3061
tel: 1300xxxxxx View Phone number

Web: http://homeappliancesindia.com.au/


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