Paradise Retirement Villages is a traditional and family-run retirement facility near Adelaide in the north-eastern suburbs. It is the perfect and ideal place to spend the golden years with your loved one or your partner.

There are various reasons to choose Paradise Retirement Villages over the others due to various unique features it has:

Complete Freedom

At the Paradise Retirement Village the residents enjoy complete freedom and independence from any form of chores or stress. The residents are able to plan their day according to their needs and do not have to worry about being dependent on anybody for household chores or even cooking meals.

The Paradise Retirement Village is one of the most comprehensive retirement communities and it provides every resident with 3 healthy meals a day along with weekly linen service and cleaning.

Strong Community

Every resident of the Paradise Retirement Village is screened prior to admission for more harmonious and peaceful community living. These are all retires who have made a choice to live their days in relaxation and peace without being dependent on others for everyday activities.

Paradise Retirement Village organizes regular social programs, including picnics, tours and parties to build the harmony and also to strengthen the bond between the community-residents.

Visits by family, friends and loved ones are encouraged at Paradise Retirement Village and are also welcome to join the residents on the various tours and parties.
Suitable Living Option

The Paradise Retirement Village is one of the most well-equipped and modern-run retirement village communities in the southern Australian region near Adelaide. There are various living options to choose from, including studio suites and single-bedroom apartments which are locates amidst beautifully landscaped gardens.

All the apartments and suites feature modern amenities including private bathing area, kitchenette/serving area and also provide reverse cycle air-conditioning for added comfort to the residents of the village.

Choosing Paradise Retirement Village

The choice for selecting the best, most comfortable and affordable retirement village near Adelaide, in the southern Australian region is surely the Paradise Retirement Village.
Owing to its homely ambience, comfortable surroundings, strong communal character as well as the ease provided by the numerous facilities the Paradise Retirement Village is now the most popular and sought-after retirement community with hundreds of retirees seeking to call it home every year.

Paradise Retirement Village is remarkably efficient, affordable, comfortable and most peaceful of all the other retirement villages in the vicinity.

Address: Adelaide, SA