Advanced laser drivers in ATI

ATI is the abbreviation of Analog Technologies, Inc. specializes in designing and releasing laser drivers, TEC controllers, SMD/SMT component kits, etc. Laser driver is a typical product of ATI, which is used to drive laser diodes with high stability, high efficiency and low noise. And there is a wide variety of advanced laser drivers available, such as ATLSXA series, ATLSXA series, ATLS_XXX_ series and so on.
This laser driver has high efficiency (more than %), so there is no heat sink for normal operation. And it contains three work modes: shutdown, standby and operation. Under different work conditions, the driver can automatically switch operation mode. Moreover, by using a laser driver, the actual current and temperature can be monitored in real time.

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How To Select A Laser Driver?
ATI is a company specializing in designing and releasing laser drivers, which can be used to driver laser diodes with high stability, low noise, and high power efficiency. And there are many kinds of laser drivers. If you use laser diodes with high power or current, you can select the dual mode laser driver; if you want to build ultra-low noise laser diode, you can choose the ultra-low noise ...
How To Drive Laser Diodes With Laser Drivers
How to Drive Laser Diodes with Laser Drivers In order to drive laser diodes, our company (ATI) has designed and produced laser drivers with high voltage and constant current. The laser drivers feature high efficiency, high stability, low noise and compact size. And because of high efficiency, they don’t need heat sinks during normal operation. Figure 1 is the ATLS1AD laser driver, which is a ...
Features Of Atlsxa212d Laser Driver
ATLSXAD series laser drivers are independent research and development products of ATI. ATI is a company specializing in designing and releasing laser drivers, TEC controllers, SMT/SMD component kits, and so on. ATLSXAD series laser driver is a typical one with high efficiency (more than %) and low noise (less than µA@0.1Hz ∼ Hz). And ATLSXAD provides four maximum output current ...
Why Using Laser Driver To Driver Laser Diodes?
A laser driver is an electric module to drive one or multiple laser diodes for DPSSL, EDFA, and fiber lasers with low noise and high efficiency. The laser driver designed and produced by our company (ATI) has high quality and long service lifetime. And in our company, there are various types of laser drivers, such as ATLSXA series, ATLS_XXX_ series, ATLSXAD series and so on. The ...
Driving Modes Of Laser Driver
Driving modes of laser driver The main function of laser driver is to enlarge high speed signal that is outputted by a multiplexer to driver the laser diode to work effectively. Figure 1. The modulation modes of laser driver Subsequent circuit of laser driver is light emitting device and there are two driving modes to drive it, as shown in the figure 1. One is directly working on laser ...
The Main Performance Parameters Of Laser Driver
The main performance parameters of laser driver A laser driver is between multiplexer and laser, which completes electro-optical conversion function. In order to make laser work well, the good driving signal needs to be provided, which depends on the performance parameters of laser driver. The physical photo of laser driver The performance parameters of laser driver mainly include: ...
Driving Laser Diodes With An Electric Module
Driving laser diodes with an electric module In order to drive laser diodes, our company (ATI) has designed and produced an electric module, which is also called laser driver. And laser drivers released from our company features high stability, high efficiency, low noise and small size. By using a laser driver, many functions can be realized, such as laser current setting and monitoring, ...
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