The simple classification of thermoelectric coolers

The simple classification of thermoelectric coolers
Thermoelectric cooler (TEC) is built on the thermoelectric system, which can both cool and heat, depending on DC current direction. As TEC has no refrigerant, no pollution, no rotation parts, no noise, long service lifetime and some other advantages, it has been widely used in electronic fields, laser fields and so on.
Our company is committed to study and produce TECs for a long time and we have professional design team and independent production workshop. There are many kinds of TECs with high performances and quality in our company.

The physical photos of TEC
According to temperature, TECs can be divided into two types, regular temperature rectangular T EC and high temperature rectangular TEC. The temperature range of the former is −°C~°C and the latter is −°C~°C.
According to package form, there are sealed version and no-sealed version. The service lifetime of sealed TEC is longer than that of no-sealed TEC, but it has lower efficiency. If TEC works in a moisture environment, the sealed TEC should be selected to achieve long service lifetime and high reliability.
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