Wiruungga Organisation

For over nine years Wiruungga has traveled throughout Australia and to remote isolated communities offering support and much needed supplies to venerable indigenous and non-indigenous families and communities who often live in great poverty. We feel this is very important for these communities as access to many things that we take for granted are impossible without assistance.

The Wiruungga organisation supports and promotes education in the areas of health and social well being, with a strong stance on a drug and alcohol free lifestyle. We inspire young and old to reach their full potential in a nurturing drug and alcohol free environment, providing assistance and education to people in need. The Wiruungga organisation provides a safe environment away from distraction where people learn with guidance, self worth and with an understanding that every individual is valuable in society. We give them a sense of purpose. We also teach life without dependency (drug and alcohol free) at the same time educating in nutrition and health.

Address: Conondale, QLD
Web: http://wiruungga.org.au/