Best Marriage Celebrant In The Universe

"Looking for a Celebrant in Canberra? Try the Best Marriage Celebrant in The Universe.

My name's Liam and I'm a Civil Marriage Celebrant based in Canberra, ACT, Australia. If you're after a celebrant with a level of awesomeness matched by no other (No, not even Superman) then I am the celebrant for you!

Being the youngest of eight siblings, the majority of whom are married, which basically means I've been going to weddings since I was 9 years old. This achieved two things:

The first was that I learnt how to be a really killer dancer (because, let's be honest, weddings and dancing go hand-in-hand like Romeo & Juliet.....okay, bad example, but you get the point...)

The second was that the guys running the ceremonies were really, really cool.

So the years went by, I did what everyone does, I went to school, got a job, broke a few hearts, got my heart broken a few more times, went to a whole bunch more weddings (pre-celebrant days the number of weddings I'd been to was close to ), wrote a book about tracking down interviewing every girl I'd ever had a crush on, and even still went to more weddings.

Then one day I was struck by a brilliant idea – I'd been to so many weddings by now I could use my powers for the greater good! And thus, despite being a good years younger than everyone else doing the course, I became a Civil Marriage Celebrant.

And so here I am, here to make your day the best it could possibly be!"

Macquarie, ACT. C.P.: 2614
tel: 0413xxxxxx View Phone number



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