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Suzi's Jewellery + Accessories is your premium online jewellery store, offering a beautiful collection of pieces in a range of classic and contemporary styles. Be swept away by the classic elegance of genuine . Sterling Silver jewellery, Swarovski crystals, stainless steel, leather, silver, and the Cubic Zirconia used in the settings is of such outstanding pieces for all occasions. When you buy jewellery online, look for quality pieces that give you value for money. A Style of your own. Suzi's jewellery + Accessories makes it easy for you to browse and buy jewellery online.

For rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, bags, mens jewellery, hats, bangles, cufflinks and more, all at affordable prices. With a broad range of styles to suit any taste, Suzi's Jewellery + Accessories has something for everyone.

Having shopped online for many years we know how important it is to feel safe and secure when you are purchasing online. Communication is a big part of ensuring every customer knows we are here to help them along the way. If you have any questions, please contact us.

We hope you enjoy your shopping as much as we enjoyed shopping to bring you these fantastic affordable prices. Keep checking back as there will be new arrivals in store often.....
Can visit Showroom Mon - Friday 9am - 3pm, after hours appointments &

Address: NSW