Pollution Control Consultancy and Design

19- 29 Martin Pl
Sydney, NSW. C.P.: 2000
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I, Scotty Turner head up Bahay Pest Control on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast. Bahay Pest Control business opened in . However, I have been doing pest control since , where I worked for a major Pest Control Company in Townsville, doing both residential and commercial pest control. I am a licensed pest control technician and fully insured. I take great pride in my work and I offer warranty ...
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"At Clear Day Consulting we provide friendly professional relationship, alcohol and confidence / coaching counselling treatment services across Sydney. If you have any issue with your marriage, your relationship our marriage and relationship counselling services will help . If you have trouble with your alcohol consumption we have an effective program that will enable you to control your drinking. ...
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Acor Moore Consulting And Engineering
ACOR Moore Consulting and Engineering is an Australian company with locations in Sydney, Perth and Brisbane. The company combines the specialist expertise of a dangerous goods consultant with the broader engineering expertise of the ACOR consulting Group to provide design risk and safety consultation to the petrochemical industry. ACOR Moore Consulting and Engineering is an Australian company ...
Unit 10, 1 Maitland Pl Norwest Business Park
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The Working Principle Of Led Lamp And The Important Role Of Led Controller
The working principle of LED lamp and the important role of LED controller LED lamp usually contains a LED array, and according to the preset program, LED controller can control the switch at each position in the LED lamp circuit and make LED lighten regularly to show a specific text or graphics. LED lamps connect together through series way, and they should be driven by a constant power supply. ...
Heating And Cooling With The Teca1-5v-2.5v-d Peltier Controller
Heating and cooling with the TECAV-2.5V-D Peltier controller The TECAV-2.5V-D Peltier controller is an electric module with input voltage 5V and the maximum output voltage 2.5V. This Peltier controller is designed to drive thermal electric coolers (TECs). During operation, it has high efficiency, high reliability and high stability (0.°C). The following is the physical photo of the ...
Why Using The Teca1-xv-xv-d Peltier Controller
The Peltier controller is a US-patented product of Analog Technologies, Inc. (ATI). It is designed for driving a thermal electric cooler (TEC). There are many kinds of Peltier controller, and each Pletier controller has different working parameters. But all of them have high efficiency, high stability and high reliability, and are packaged in a metal enclosure, which can block the interferences ...
Peltier Controllers With High Performances And High Efficiency
Peltier Controllers with High Performances and High Efficiency The Peltier controller is an electric module, which is designed for driving thermal electric coolers (TECs). The Peltier controller provides many interface ports for users to set the desired temperature, the maximum output voltage across the TEC, and the compensation network. As the compensation network matches with the thermal load, ...
Parameters Of Peltier Controller Tec5v4a-d
Parameters of Peltier controller TEC5V4A-D The TEC5V4A-D is a Peltier controller, which is designed for driving the thermal electric cooler (TEC). This Peltier controller has high efficiency (more than %), high stability (±0.°C) and so on. It provides a DIP packaging method. By using this Peltier controller, users can monitor and regulate the temperature of TEC in real time. And the ...
About Peltier Controller
A Peliter controller is an electronic module, which is designed to control and monitor the temperature of thermal electric coolers (TEC). It has many excellent performances, such as high efficiency, high reliability and high stability. The Peltier controller packaged in a six sided metal enclosure can block the interferences between the controller and other electronics. Users can only ...
Advantages Of Peltier Controller
Advantages of Peltier controller Peltier controller is a kind of electronic module, which is designed and produced by Analog Technologies Inc. (ATI). There are a variety of Peltier controllers in ATI, such as TECA1-XV-XV-D series, ATFCD series, ATW3A series and so on. TECA1-XV-XV-D series Peltier controller has high efficiency, high stability, compact size and long service lifetime. ...